Canada 150 maple leaves taking shape for Art on the Waterfront

Kent Young of Industrial Stainless shows off one of 15 steel leaf pairings that will be powder-coated red and erected around Chesterville in time for Art on the Waterfront. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Nelson Zandbergen 
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — Stylized steel maple leaves are going up on the poles of downtown Chesterville in time for next weekend’s Art on the Waterfront festivities — and onward through a summer marking Canada 150.

Fresh off their success as local suppliers of the Chesterville & District Rotary Club’s illuminated Christmas snowflake project last winter, father-son team Duane and Kent Young of Industrial Stainless are now fashioning the leafy follow-up.

Fifteen of the new motifs — each one pairing a solid maple leaf with a leaf outline in relief — are set to go up in the core areas of Chesterville’s downtown and over the Main Street bridge. They’re to be mounted onto brackets already in place for the iron snowflakes (since removed for the season). While the popularly received snowflakes feature integrated LED lighting, their summertime replacements will get all of their dazzle from highly resilient powdered-coated red paint — also applied by Industrial Stainless — in the same hue as a Canadian flag.

Winchester’s Downtown Revitalization Committee is putting up a slew more of these Canada 150 flags — tapping the same township program that’s helping to fund Chesterville’s new steel maple leaves. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Kent Young said he came up with a couple of designs before slicing out the pattern from sheets of steel with firm’s computerized plasma-cutting table.

Again spearheaded by the village’s Rotarians, this latest round of public pole ornamentation in Chesterville was assisted by a 50 percent contribution from the Township of North Dundas. As part of Canada 150 celebrations, the township has made thousands of dollars available to service clubs wishing to festoon main thoroughfares with upgraded flags and other patriotic display items — to a maximum of $5,000 per project.

Chesterville’s maple leaf initiative landed a local grant just shy of the maximum.

Township council this month also approved support for: landscaping in front of the South Mountain Agricultural Hall ($1,686 — Mountain Township & District Agricultural Society); even more Canada 150 flags and mounting hardware in Winchester ($5,000 — Winchester Downtown Revitalization Committee); and similar Canada 150 flags along with 20 planters, soil and flowers in Morewood ($2,077.30 — Morewood Recreation Association).

Meanwhile, the funded work in Chesterville goes beyond leaves: The village Rotarians have also commissioned Industrial Stainless to produce seven more LED snowflakes for installation in the South Street area.







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