Thunderstorm produces light show

Lightning plays behind a rainbow in this still taken from the video recorded by Hayley Cooke yesterday evening.

CHESTERVILLE — Last night’s thunderstorm delivered spotty precipitation, with some areas deluged by an intense downpour amid high winds and lightning. Other places caught a light show but — mercifully, in this wet spring — missed much of the rain.

But what a light show it was, with some area residents posting images of a double rainbow. In Connaught, North Dundas, Hayley Cooke shot video footage of a single rainbow amid roiling dark clouds, backlit with lightning bolts.

Last night’s spectacle was preceded by a severe thunderstorm warning from Environment Canada.

“We only had 12 mm, but I know the Metcalfe area got over two inches,” said Ormond-area dairy farmer Ian Porteous.

In its latest flood outlook, South Nation Conservation has reiterated that residents of the St. Lawrence River and Ottawa River areas should continue to exercise caution near swollen watercourses.

Another still from the video shot by Hayley Cooke. The video itself appears below.



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