SNC to ‘cut the ribbon’ on their newest Conservation Area in Ormond this Saturday

South Nation Conservation headquarters in Finch. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

ORMOND — South Nation Conservation (SNC) strives to protect and preserve sensitive lands for years to come — as embodied by a property donation being celebrated this weekend.

Their most recent acquisition comes via  the Oschmann Family of Ormond. Through the  Land Donations Program, the Oschmanns have entrusted SNC with 8.5 acres of forest located between ‘downtown’ Ormond and their farm.

SNC is a member of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance and has been approved to accept land donations through a Canadian program called the Ecological Gifts Program.

Donors to the program are given tax incentives or the property remains under the donor’s name.

The watershed authority is set to officially open the forested site to the public this Saturday, June 3, with a 1 p.m. ribbon-cutting. The land is situated on Ormond Road, about 100 metres west of the main corner.

The celebration will also feature a tour of the property, with refreshments to follow.

SNC provided this background information on the Oschmann family and the property recently turned over to the public:

After immigrating to Canada from Germany, George and Gertrude Oschmann purchased an 88 acre farm in the fall of 1964 located in Ormond, a town 40 minutes south of Ottawa. On the south side of the property, there is a 8.5 acre forest nestled between the village and the farm and from that point on the property became a labour of love. The forest hadn’t been properly maintained for a while and was being smothered with prickly ash and grape vines. The bush was cleaned up and all the hard work payed off into what you see today, a beautiful mixed hardwood forest filled with maples, oaks and ash trees, carefully pruned to allow the forest to breathe. There are also a few butternut trees left and SNC is eager to keep them healthy and thriving. There is a sugar shack in the middle of the property that was built in the early 1970’s but continued to be functional until the early 2000’s and is now slowly being reclaimed by the forest. The property has meant so much to the Oschmann family, it’s where you would go to see the flowering trilliums in the spring, watch the leaves change colours in the fall as well as horse drawn sleigh rides on those beautiful winter days. The property was donated in memory of Gertrude Oschmann who passed away in 2012. A very outdoorsy woman who left many footprints scattered all throughout the forest, a women who had a deep connection with nature. She would be very proud of what it has become. It’s very comforting to know that the property won’t suffer the same fate as many others around and that it will be there for the Oschmann family to continue to enjoy as well as others who will be able to see the forest for the beauty that it possesses and for the many memories that the trees will keep for as long as they stand.


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