Hollywood actors, scary monsters, bloody murder screams, and a ‘hanging’ at Cannamore Orchard last night

Seen in above photo. Three of the extras dressed in their scray Halloween costumes — including Corey Proulx on the right. Photo courtesy of Corey Proulx.

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CANNAMORE — Lights … Camera … Action! The hamlet of Cannamore was in the spotlight last night as Cannamore Orchard hosted as set for a few scenes in a Hollywood production last night.

One of the more gruesome scenes shot last night was of a hanging.

Co-owner of Cannamore Orchard Claire Taylor conveyed that, “They used our staged hanging set from our Spooky Wagon Ride.”

According to her husband Dennis Taylor, they were also filming a scene or two in the woods on their property.

Mrs.Taylor also mentioned that the movie has Hurt as “a working title.”

It was suggested that the movie is set to air sometime in 2018.

In recent weeks a casting call was sent out via social media in search of actors/actresses and movie buffs a-like to stand in as extras in an up-and-coming movie.

Applicants were required to email the Cannamore Orchard.

They received over 80 applications but only 60 were selected.

Seen in above photo: Some of the extras selected for the horror film. Photo courtesy of Corey Proulx.

The extras were told they would be “volunteering their time” and were required to wear a spooky Halloween costume of their own, as it was for a horror film.

One of the selected extras was Ottawa native Corey Proulx.

Proulx got a response fairly quickly to his email and was elated to have been chosen.

“Who wouldn’t want the chance to be in a movie!” he said very excitedly.

He is a lifetime movie fanatic, especially when it comes to horror films.

The hanging was his favourite scene captured yesterday evening.

Captured in the above photo: The unidentified actress and director in ‘the gallows’ for the hanging scene. Courtesy photo from Corey Proulx.

Right before the execution, they filmed the unidentified actress running through the orchard ‘screaming bloody murder,” reported Proulx.

When staging the hanging, the actress wore a harness, “and they were very safety conscious,” Proulx exclaimed.

“They filled the scene with smoke where needed to get the lighting just right,” he added.

The extras were sent home around 2:30 a.m.  while the cast and crew did not leave the premises until 6:30 a.m.

Seen in photo above. One of the cameramen caught on camera himself. Photo courtesy of Corey Proulx.


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