Interprovincial Air Tour awards Upper Canada Airstrip facility to recognize its value and condition

Seen in photo above: The Upper Canada Airstrip. Courtesy photo.

MORRISBURG – Among avid pilots of small private planes, the Upper Canada Airstrip operated by the St. Lawrence Parks Commission (SLPC) is a well known little gem.  Located on County Road 2 beside Upper Canada Golf Course and across the road from Upper Canada Village, the airstrip has been a popular fly-in spot for lunch, a round of golf or a visit back in time.

While the airstrip sees regular use, on Friday, June 2 there were 23 planes that arrived for a visit to Upper Canada Village.  Carol Cooke, organizer of 2017 Interprovincial Air Tour presented SLPC Manager of Maintenance and Operations Rob Hamilton with a plaque to recognize the value and condition of the Upper Canada Airstrip facility.  The airstrip is on all aviation charts in Ontario.

Seen in above photo: SLPC Maintenance & Operations Manager Rob Hamilton accepting plaque from Carol Cooke, organizer of the 2017 Interprovincial Air Tour. Courtesy photo.

The Interprovincial Air Tour visit airports in Ontario and Quebec that offer interesting things to see and do.

Their motto is:

“Build a mile of highway – and you go one mile; build a mile of runway, and the world comes to you.”

A recent economic impact study commissioned by Interprovincial Air Tour indicates:

  • $5.4 billion in direct impact of general aviation on the Canadian economy
  • $9.3 billion in indirect impacts
  • 18,500 jobs have direct impact as a result of general aviation
  • 35,000 jobs indirect impact as a result of general aviation

“It was a surprise and an honour for the members of Interprovincial Air Tour to present this plaque to the SLPC for the work we do with the airstrip.  We look forward to continue to work with this group to promote flying and growing the significant economic spinoffs that result.” – Jennifer Tarini, Manager, Parks & Recreational Facilities.

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