Bambi found in a South Stormont meadow

Seen in above photo: A beautiful young fawn spotted by local Courtesy photo by Harmony Koiter

Kelsey Smith 
Nation Valley News

ST. ANDREWS WEST — Contractors were ‘fawning’ over a young deer found sleeping in the long grass yesterday in a field near St. Andrews West.

A Drentex Field Services team was tending to a newly reforested tree plantation when part-time member Harmony Koiter discovered the tiny fawn nestled on the ground.

She and other team members often come across “interesting surprises” while walking rural fields, including another fawn she spotted last year, which “got up and jumped away.”

Fortunately, this one “just stayed put. It was very cute,” expressed Koiter.

The fawn was left sleeping and untouched as the crew finished their work.

The crew’s initiative on Monday was to spray Round-Up through PVC tubes connected to backpacks, in order to protect plantation seedlings so that “weeds don’t choke them out and kill them,” Koiter explained.

These trees are part of “reforestation projects, buffer strips, or private properties that just wish to be filled with trees for any manner of reasons,” she said.

Below is some video footage of the cute discovery in South Stormont. Experts say to leave sleeping fawns untouched, just as the Drentex Field Services crew did.



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