Last supper at Finch Pizzeria in Elsaadi family hands

In front, across the table from each other, are Albert and Daad Elsaadi, and friends during their last supper put on at Finch Pizzeria, June 18. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

FINCH —The North Stormont Refugee Support Coalition and friends of the longtime owners of Finch Pizzeria celebrated June 18 with Albert and Daad Elsaadi on their final day before closing the doors of the establishment.

The retiring operators said that new owner Steve Saunders takes possession June 28 and plans to re-open the business in early July. The couple said the incoming ownership had been working with them to learn their pizza- and dough-making techniques for a couple of weeks prior to the temporary closure.

The Elsaadis demonstrated their culinary virtuosity in a last pizza supper served to guests and members of the Coalition gathered around a table at the County Rd. 43 restaurant. Afterward, their friends helped move some appliances from the business to the retirees’ Finch home, where they will continue to reside between visits to their second home in Lebanon.

The local group continues to plan for the arrival of a Syrian refugee family in North Stormont. Daad Elsaadi has personally met with the Al Mounif family during a trip to Lebanon, where the couple and their four children sought refuge after fleeing Syria.



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