RCAF CC-177 Globemaster plane flyby planned in Long Sault

Seen in above photo: An example of the RCAF CC-177 Globemaster that will fly over the Stormont Yacht club on Saturday between 1:00 and 1:30 p.m. Courtesy photo

Scheduled after 1 p.m. on Canada Day

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

LONG SAULT — If planning to celebrate Canada Day in Long Sault this Saturday, be sure to look to the skies. The Royal Canadian Air Force will perform a flyby by request over the Stormont Yacht Club (SYC) between 1 and 1:30 p.m.

While Canada turns 150, the yacht club commemorates the 50th anniversary of the GP14 World Sailing Championship, first hosted at the SYC.

The club’s Heather Branchard came up with the flyby idea while watching last year’s Remembrance Day ceremonies on Parliament Hill.

Branchard said she “decided to ‘Google’ it” to figure out how to begin the application process for a flyby.

She later spoke with the board of directors about her idea and they granted her permission to apply.

The application was submitted, and a few days later Master Corporal H.J. Deibert, Special Events Coordinator for the Department of National Defence, contacted Branchard and told her that unfortunately the aircraft they requested was not available for the mentioned days.

She recounted that he instead listed alternative aircraft that were available, though he also informed her  the application should have included a letter of support from the mayor or council of South Stormont. This was needed so that the airplane could fly lower than 500 feet in that area.

Approval was soon granted by Mayor Jim Bancroft, and then it was time for the board to play the waiting game.

Branchard was warned she wouldn’t likely hear anything for certain until two to four weeks prior to the event.

As the two-week mark approached, there was still no word.

“I sent a note off to Special Events asking if our request was granted.  I was then informed that unfortunately there was no Support so we would not get our flyby.  It was very disappointing but what could we do,” Branchard sadly recalled.

But her spirits were soon lifted. The next day, June 22, she received an email “stating that our event would be supported by the RCAF CC-177 Globemaster, which will fly west to east over Stormont Yacht Club … on Canada Day,” the board member reported.

A member of the SYC, Paul Brunette, is also a Sea Cadet Liaison and he and fellow Sea Cadets will take part in a special Colours Ceremony at noon on Saturday.

The Sea Cadets lease land from the yacht club and will play tribute with four of their own manning a ship.

Club member Kate Miller will entertain the crowd by playing the National Anthem on her bugle as the Canadian flag is raised.

Members of the SYC will view the fireworks show from the mooring fields.

Another SYC member, Kate Miller, will also play O Canada on her Bugle while the Canadian Flag is being raised.

Branchard exclaimed that she and the rest of the board “hope to see lots of people in Long Sault and the area to  come out and watch the flyby.”


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