SDSG Canada 150 service award medal winners announced

Daniel Riitano holds the local SDSG Canada 150 medal that he designed, now being handed out to deserving recipients in MP Guy Lauzon's local electoral district. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Medal designed at McCloskey’s

CHESTERVILLE — One hundred and fifty recipients of a special sesquicentennial medal — designed in Chesterville — have been selected and notified by the office of local MP Guy Lauzon. 

Riitano’s pencil-drawn rendering of the design, including his original striped ribbon, which was swapped out for a maple leaf motif. Courtesy photo

In celebration of Canada’s milestone anniversary, the MP recently launched his own SDSG Canada 150 Service Medal, a commemorative piece in recognition of residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry who have made outstanding contributions to their community. 

Accomplished local artist and Chesterville bar manager Daniel Riitano was commissioned to create the design.

Lauzon’s office vetted hundreds of resulting nominations for the award, which was open to deserving individuals including educators, artists, athletes, scientists, coaches, entrepreneurs, emergency responders, community volunteers, activity organizers, and “other everyday heroes striving to make their community better.”

The honour is a local one, spearheaded and funded entirely out of the office of the Tory MP — after the governing Liberals opted not to initiate a national service medal for regular citizens as part of the country’s 150th birthday.

It’s so local that Lauzon’s chief of staff, Adrian Bugelli, approached Riitano with the basic idea over the bar counter at the McCloskey Hotel earlier this spring, where the barkeep sketched some initial designs on scraps of paper. He refined it further, then sent it off to his brother in Toronto to be digitized into vector graphics prior to manufacture. Known for his murals, Riitano said the effort was his first crack at designing a medal, adding he was honoured to be chosen for the job.

The completed SDSG Canada 150 Service Medal. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Medal recipients will be gradually awarded their medals at Canada 150 festivities across the riding — the first two of which were held over the weekend in Cornwall and Morrisburg.

The selectees include:

Daniel Carbonnell, John Racine, Monte Yancey, Claude Legault, Rick Shaver, Peter Morgan, Wes Libbey, Carole Libbey, Shane Eitzen, Michael Mahoney, Neil Benjamin, Scott Wilson, Ray Eady, Robert Ogle, Scott Beck, Darryl Adams, Lucie Hart, Raymond MacDonald, Raymond Lacroix, Roy Perkins, Dr. Jeannine Roy-Poirier, Kieran Kennedy, Dr. Rachel Navaneelan, Sean Adams, Ayman Gabriel, Marie Morrell, Daniel Parkinson, Kris McCarthy, Shannon Ferguson, Carol Goddard, Carol Gaudet, Daryl Horner, Christine Steer, Sheila Jasmin, Denise Samson, Dr. Nat Shah, Katie Burke-Lynch, Gary Christiensen, Christine Bowen, Anne Bourdon, Donovan St. Denis, Claudette Blanchet, Shawn O’Byrne, Chantal O’Byrne, Muriel Gagne, Barb Latham, Sara Lauzon, Dina McGowan, George Limantzakis, Casey Leger, Amanda Brisson, Scott Halliday, Randy Lalonde, Terry Birch, Sarah Massia, Stephen Gill, David Murphy, Brenda St.Louis, Michael Turcotte, Lisa Runions, Dr. Beth Pollock, Gérald Samson, Gerry Benson, Jean Lecompte, Gérald Poirier, Danielle D’anjou-Villemaire,Claude Villemaire, Nicole Labelle, Robert Perron, Marc Bissonnette, Michèle Chauvin-Bourdon, Jules Bourdon, Manon Thompson, Marcelle Paquette, Michel Pilon, Don White, Nichole White, Yvan Richer, Gérard St-Amour, Gérald Lefebvre, Cécile O’Connell, Albert O’Connell, Christiane Lapensée, Richard Bissonnette, Nicole Côté, Janeen Wagemans, Keith Robinson, Linda Robinson, Lorne Strader, Dr. Graham Neal Houze, Tracey Shaver, Donnie Bowes, Trevor Tolley, David Lapier, Wayne Domanko, Jeff Beaupre, Diana McKendry, Rick Roberts, Darlene Riddel, Greta Robert, Geraldine Fitzsimmons, Carol McElheran, William Smirle, Erva Durant, June Armstrong, Debbie Courneyea, Wayne Burns, Ralph Norg, Marge Norg, Ron Porteous, Carson Elliott, Margaret Benke, Brenda Norman, Kerry Adams, Daad Elsaadi, Martin Racine, Kevin Lapp, Flloyd Dingwall, Judy Neville, Francois Bazinet, Albert Elsaadi, Jody Archambault, Paul Wheeler, Clayton Ouderkirk, Rosemary Callan, David Brown, Sue Tarle, Mary MacDonald, Nolan Quinn, Terry Muir, Richard Vinet, Janice Valade, André Pommier, Elizabeth Helmer, Barb Hunter, Janice Buckland, Gordon Small, Francois Clavel, Norma Rouleau, Michael Leger, Mary Regan, Usha Kapoor, Sandy McDonald, Sophie Tasse, Mohinder Kapoor, Richard Boyer, Pierre Roy, Wendy Wert, Mauric Poirier and Rose Desnoyer.



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