NDDHS celebrates its 2017 graduates


Seen in above photo: This year’s Valedictorian Mallory Hutchinson and Vice-Principal Mike Deighton. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — North Dundas District High School (NDDHS) celebrated the success and achievements of their 2017 graduates on June 28.

Congratulations graduates!

Group 1 of graduates:

Seen in above photo: Group 1 of the NDDHS graduating class of 2017. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Front row: Sabryna Chevalier (left), Ashley Harper, Jessica McMillan, Bethany Puddy, Christina Markwell, Courtney Moreau, and Joshua Baron. Middle row: Andrew Cotnam (left), Emily Beach, Megan Derick, Madelyn Henderson, Brandon Scheepers, Bayden Carr, Walker Baldwin, Jessica Harrison, and Evan Durant. Back row: Malerie Paterson (left), Jordan Peterkin, Cyrill Jaquemet, Brett Lannin, Patrick Norris, Cole McCooeye, and Logan Billings.

Group 2 of graduates:

Seen in above photo: Group 2 of the NDDHS graduating class of 2017. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Front row: Alexis Engwerda (left), Mackenzie Beaudry, Madison Scheepers, Mallory Hutchinson, Jaclyn Crump, Alexis Henderson, and Caroline Sommerville. Middle row: Evan Thompson (left), Johnathan Harris, Cristian Vogrig, Bobby Walker, Mitchell Perkins, Jamie Quinton, Nikola Hunter, and Ashley Dellepalme. Back row: Lindsay Cummins (left), Amber Barnett, Jade Barnett, Christian Francis, Kyle Findlay, Elexa Carruthers, and Elizabeth Russell.

Group 3 of graduates:

Seen in above photo: Group 3 of the NDDHS graduating class of 2017. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Front row: Hailey Collins (left), Zack Nelson, Jack Van Kessel, Aaron Turcotte, Alexe St-Georges-Fingler, Jessa Cinnamon, and Hunter Hague. Middle row: Zander Mark (left), Lynette Klein-Boonschate, Chantal Puenter, Kyle Dejong, Jacob Robinson, Seb Rutherford, Rhyce Sherrer, Isaac Zollinger, and Kerissa Wardle. Back row: Laura Williams (left), Amaneet Gill, Alyssa Cooper, Jessi Zandbelt, Avery Holmes, Brayden Roberts, and Amber Chatelaine.

Also graduating are:

Seen in above photo: also graduating are; Front: Cam Reid (left) and River Johnston Back: Jack Messervey. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Seen in above photo: the NDDHS Academic Medal Winners. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Academic medal winners: Jessa Cinnamon (left), Jessi Zandbelt, Brandon Scheepers, and Bethany Puddy. Back row: Elexa Carruthers (left), Drew Cotnam, Bobby Walker, and Jessica Harrison.


Seen in above photo: NDDHS Ontario Scholars for the 2017 graduating class. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Ontario Scholars

Front Row: Ashley Harper, Alyssa Cooper, Jaclyn Crump, Nikola Hunter, Amaneet Gill, Maddie Henderson, Jamie Quinton
Middle Row: Laura Williams, Brandon Scheepers, Alexis Henderson, Kyle Dejong, Jessa Cinnamon, Jessi Zandbelt, Megan Derick
Back Row: Malerie Paterson, Mallory Hutchinson, Lynette Klein Boonschate, Jordan Peterkin, Evan Durant, Bayden Carr, Jack Van Kessel


Seen in above photo: Winners of the Specialist High Skills Major Agriculture. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Specialist High Skills Major – Agriculture

Front Row: Jessica McMillan, Chantal Puenter, Jaclyn Crump, Lynette Klein Boonschate, Hunter Hague, Jessica Harrison
Middle Row: Andrew Whitton, Kelly Durant, Emily Beach, Avery Holmes, Seb Rutherford, Ray Bougie
Back Row: Brandon Scheepers, Kyle Dejong, Bobby Walker, Rhyce Sherrer, Kyle Findlay


After the stapler caper …
2017 North Dundas District High School Valedictorian Mallory Hutchinson addresses her fellow graduates (below) at the school’s June 28 graduation ceremony (most of the speech appears in the video). Her remarks followed the distribution of diplomas and the revelation of a multi-year prank pulled by the Class of ’17 on their teachers. As the individual graduates ascended the steps to collect their scrolls, many handed over a previously missing stapler to the surprised staff members and officials on stage. It seems that a multitude of official Upper Canada District School staplers disappeared these last four years at NDDHS in preparation for graduation day!


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