YouTube star turns to Vanderlaand The Barnyard Zoo for a prank

Seen in above photo: Youtube sensation ItsYeBoi playing with animals from the Vanderlaand Barnyard Zoo. Photo courtesy of Rachel Potvin

Kelsey Smith 
Nation Valley News

OTTAWA — What would you do if, after a nine-hour trip home, you returned to find farm animals trotting all over your bed? When you have a friend like YouTuber ItsYeBoi, it’s just a normal day.

ItsYeBoi and his Ottawa-based pals earn money by taking turns pranking each other and posting the results to the online video platform for the world to see. They call themselves Team Alboe.

Ruth Vanderlaan, owner of the Vanderlaand The Barnyard Zoo in Winchester Springs, supplied the friendly critters for the group’s latest bit of public hilarity, posted to YouTube July 11.

ItsYeBoi’s producer called up Vanderlaan out of the blue and asked if she and her animals could help them out with the prank.

The producer explained to her that it was for a famous YouTube sensation but was not willing to give out his identity. She would need to show up with her animals at 11 p.m. on July 6, so they had time to set the trap. His roommate would be arriving home at 1 a.m., and the team wanted the room to be turned into a barnyard for his arrival.

ItsYeBoi — aka Shawn — has over 50,000 followers and millions of video views. “It wouldn’t have mattered if he did,” laughed Vanderlaan, adding, “I’m not a YouTube watcher anyways.”

After asking a bunch of questions, Vanderlaan agreed to assist the team.

Ten days later, she drove up to an Ottawa townhouse on Hunt Club.

Knowing that she was a female going to a stranger’s house in the middle of the night, she recruited good friend Rachel Potvin, owner and operator of the Maple Ridge Centre, to come along.

The petting zoo owner claimed she “had no idea what I was getting into.” They drove by the address ahead of time just to “check it out,” she said.

When the time rolled around, they backed the truck up to the house and began unloading the goats, chickens and Lola the alpaca.

They carried in the chickens, while Lola and the goats climbed up the stairs of the townhouse themselves. The bedroom trap was set and all they could do was wait.

Potvin explained that she and Vanderlaan didn’t get to see the victim’s reaction in real time. “We went and hung out at a restaurant while they did the prank and just waited for them to call to go back and get the animals,” she said.

They — like the rest of the world — had to watch the July 11 video for the amusing result.

However, they did learn at the scene that ItsYeBoi’s roommate was “apparently deathly afraid of chickens, so he ran right out of the room and wouldn’t go back!”

Potvin said she understands the boys of Team Alboe have since upgraded their living situation, leaving behind the abode with a bedroom visited by barnyard intruders. “They apparently just bought a ‘mansion’ together and moved into it just after doing this prank — their latest video gives a tour of their new house. Guessing they’re doing quite well for themselves on YouTube.”

See the video below — viewed more than 332,000 times already — for the full prank and the victim’s shocking reaction.

This article was edited to include ItsYeBoi’s first name, which was initially reported as his representative’s name by mistake.


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