SNC issues another ‘flood outlook’

FINCH — South Nation Conservation (SNC) has issued another “flood outlook” and cautions that local watercourses are expected to rise this week due to expected heavy rainfall.

The announcement comes just as water levels have dropped back to slightly above normal for this time of year, according to the local watershed authority. Flows had risen sharply — to spring-like levels — for several days after a deluge of rain on July 24, during an already wet summer.

But with Environment and Climate Change Canada forecasting 30 to 50 mm of precipitation this week and early next week — with possible heavy localized rainfall — SNC is again bracing for a surge of runoff.

Although severe flooding is not a concern at this time, “minor to nuisance flooding in low-lying areas may be observed,” it says. “Furthermore, potential for blocked storm drains, catch basins and culverts are very high which may also cause localized flooding.”

Residents are advised to stay away from watercourses where flows are high and where banks might be unstable. Parents are encouraged to explain these dangers to their children.

SNC says its latest statement remains in effect until Aug. 8. The “flood outlook” ranks two steps below an actual “flood warning.”

The public is encouraged to visit and to also report changes in water-related conditions, soil stress fractures (i.e. cracks in soil), abrupt changes in streambanks, or sudden leaning of trees in their local areas. Send feedback and photos to, or SNC’s Facebook page or Tweet to @SouthNationCA.

Hierarchy of ‘Watershed Conditions’ statements

  • Water Safety: High flows, unstable banks, melting ice or other factors that could be dangerous for recreational users such as anglers, canoeists, hikers, children, pets, etc. Flooding is not expected.
  • Flood Outlook: Early notice of the potential for flooding based on weather forecasts, calling for heavy rain, snow melt, high winds or other conditions that could lead to high runoff, cause ice jams and/or lakeshore flooding or erosion.
  • Flood Watch: Flooding is possible in specific watercourses or municipalities. Municipalities, emergency services and individuals in flood-prone areas should prepare.
  • Flood Warning: Flooding is imminent or already occurring in specific watercourses or municipalities.

The video below shows the condition of the South Nation River on July 25, after SNC’s previous “flood outlook” statement.


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