Sorry to see the old school go

The Editor:

I’m contacting you in the hope that you may be the best source of local information for the Nation Valley.

My family has deep roots in the Nation Valley. My grandmother (Laura Munro) was born in a log cabin along the Nation River in 1908, and her family originally settled as United Empire Loyalists. Although I’ve never lived there, I still have cousins in the area and have returned almost every year for a visit. My father spent many summers on his grandparents’ farm, and loves telling stories about his times there.

Last weekend I was passing through, and, as in many years past, drove down River Road, just past the Cass Bridge. My great-grandparents’ house was down that road, and the log cabin my grandmother was born in can still be seen on the other side of the river. To my great shock, however, when we drove past the schoolhouse we found that it is in the process of being torn down. A couple of years ago, my father inquired about the war memorial which used to be on the property and he discovered that it had been moved to Chesterville. I know the schoolhouse used to be used by the local snowmobile club, as there was a sign on the door. But there was no indication last year that the property was going to be destroyed.

Seen in above photo: Letter writer Sharon Foster was suprised to see the old River Road schoolhouse had been demolished during a recent visit to North Dundas. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

My grandmother, along with many of her cousins, attended that school a hundred years ago. It breaks my heart to see it torn down; another piece of history gone. I haven’t told my father, as I’m sure it would upset him considerably. (He wasn’t with us this trip, as he is now over 80 and doesn’t travel as much). I would just like to know why. A quick Google search doesn’t come up with any answers, so there may never have even been a write-up about it.

If you know anything about it, I would be extremely grateful for any information. Or, if you perhaps could point me in the right direction to someone who would know. If Dad does go back next summer, I will have to tell him, and I know he’d have many questions that I’d like to be able to answer.

Thank you very much for your time.

Sharon Foster,
Certified Online Business Manager

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