The Salamander Man, Matt Ellerbeck, to visit OPG Visitor Centre on Saturday, August 18

A garter snake displayed for the camera. Courtesy photo

CORNWALL — What’s the difference between a reptile and amphibian?

Learn the answer at a free Science and Nature Workshop exploring critters that slither, slide, crawl and hop, Saturday, Aug. 18, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the OPG St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre. Fun and informative for the whole family, the collaborative event is put on by the Centre and the St. Lawrence River Institute.

‘The Salamander Man’ and founder of Save our Salamanders, Matt Ellerbeck, will present on the topic and bring along some of his special salamanders, says workshop coordinator Josh Filion.

The featured guest “is an award-winning naturalist with a passion for salamanders, and we are fortunate to have him join us,” says Filion.

“Salamanders are actually in a terrible crisis,” says Ellerbeck. “Many species are disappearing from the wild and unfortunately due to their secretive nature they are not often seen by people.” He adds, “This means that their decline is largely going unnoticed, and they are further at risk because very few conservation groups are dedicated to their recovery.”

These concerns led Ellerbeck to start his Save the Salamander campaign several years ago, fostering his dedication to educating people of all ages on these shy and gentle amphibians.

Other activities of the day include hands-on science stations that feature information on turtles, snakes, frogs and other marsh-dwelling friends. For more information on the day’s activities, visit the St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre Facebook Page or go to

The OPG Visitor Centre also offers displays and interactive exhibits that describe the St. Lawrence Seaway and Power Project construction story and its effects on the nearby communities. Visitors can also learn and observe how OPG safely generates electricity at its nuclear, thermal and hydro generating stations located across Ontario. The OPG St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre is located at 2500 B Second Street West, Cornwall.

A salamander. Courtesy photo


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