Duncan and Karin deVries settling in as new owners of D & D Market

Co-owner of D&D Market Karin deVries and her son, Jack. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

FINCH — Duncan and Karin deVries took over ownership of D & D Market in Finch last week.

Karin was previously employed at local feed stores in the area as a manager where she honed the business experience and learned how to make purchase orders.

They had spoken of possibly owning their own business for a while, and on August 1 they did just that.

The duo decided that “instead of working for somebody we would work for ourselves,” said Karin.

One day, while Duncan was in the store, he asked the past owners, Holger Behrendt and Tracy Myers, if they were “selling and if they were happy,” Karin said.

She recalled that Benhrendt revealed he was ready to retire and Myers wanted to focus more of her time towards her quilting hobby after 12 successful years in business.

The deVrieses also looked into the possibility of purchasing another retail business in North Stormont but decided “it was too big of an operation” for them, she said. The Finch enterprise seemed a better fit in their case.

Duncan still spends a majority of his time working as a land surveyor for Tomlinson.

Although taking over the store has been a huge accomplishment and dream of the couple, it was also “a lot to take in and very overwhelming at times,” Karin admitted.

“We’ve been leaning a lot on the veteran staff,” she said, adding, “Holger and Tracy are staying until the end of August to help us.”

The previous owners continue to show them the ropes on ordering for the liquor section of the rural LCBO agency store section of the operation.

Beyond spirits and alcohol, the small town convenience store sells baked goods, deli meats, and a variety of groceries. They also run the purple chip truck beside the establishment.

Their son, Jack, is manning the chip truck through the summer to earn money for a new dirt bike.

No longer running under the “Pronto” name with the change in ownership, the place is now just known as D&D Market.

As far as making changes to the store, the new owners are still getting used to the day-to-day routines and plan to make changes in the future but are still “learning as they go.”

“We’re very go with the flow right now and we will make changes when the time comes,” she said.


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