Linking Hands announces project to help ‘welcome’ people new to Dundas

MOUNTAIN — “Welcome Dundas” is a Linking Hands Dundas County project focused on ensuring newcomers to the county feel welcome.

Being new to a community can be overwhelming, especially if you have no idea where to look for what you need. The project will aim to show newcomers where to find places like grocery stores, clothing shops, restaurants, and professional and social services like doctors, dentists, churches, libraries, clubs, clinics, hospitals, etc. They will show you how to contact your local representatives, and ensure that all newcomers have the information they need to feel at home.

“It was brought to our attention in 2016 that Dundas County hasn’t had a welcoming initiative in several years.
Through additional investigation it was determined that the previous service wouldn’t be returning any time soon,” Casselman said. “The service, however, is still needed and that’s where Linking Hands comes in—to fill the void and to ensure all newcomers know what resources and services are available in North and South Dundas, as well as how to access them. And, of course, we want them to feel welcome in their new home.”

Businesses, agencies, institutions, service clubs and any other community group are invited to participate. The top priority is creating a list of all the resources and services available in Dundas County.


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