Groundbreaking on two new roundabouts in Long Sault

From left: Jason Grant, Project Manager for Cornwall Gravel; Fraser Ouderkirk, General Manager for Cornwall Gravel; SDG Warden Jim Bancroft; MPP Jim McDonell; Ross Gellately, Director of Public Works for South Stormont; and Ben de Haan, Director of Transportation and Planning Services for the United Counties of SDG.

Installation complete by the end of this year

LONG SAULT — Work is now underway in Long Sault to transform County Rd. 2 into a two-lane boulevard with a pair roundabouts as well as pedestrian walkways.

Currently four lanes punctuated by a set of traffic lights, the aging road is reaching the end of its service life through the Seaway village. The United Counties have been preparing for the rehabilitation and construction of the two roundabouts for several years.

SDG officials say the roundabouts will increase safety and reduce the severity of collisions at the intersections involved, calm and slow the traffic travelling that section of road, and improve pedestrian access to recreational lands along the St. Lawrence River at Long Sault. Set to be complete by the end of this year, the roundabouts will be built where County Rd. 2 intersects Milles Roches Rd. and Moulinette Rd., eliminating a set of aging traffic lights in the process.

A $2.2-million project bid was recently awarded to Cornwall Gravel — work partially funded partially funded through a $980,000 contribution through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund (OCIF). In addition to installing the roundabouts, the tender includes all the road work and landscaping required to eliminate two of the four lanes in Long Sault and put a median down the centre.

“I am pleased to see investment through the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund reach South Stormont and SDG. Roundabouts are an efficient alternative available to municipalities that wish to direct and calm traffic better,” said local MPP Jim McDonell. “By being placed on a busy thoroughfare such as County Road 2, this project will give municipalities across the area a greater understanding of how their traffic and roadbuilding plans may develop in the future.”

“The Counties continues to improve road conditions in the region. Not only does this project satisfy the necessary road upgrade, but does so in an esthetically pleasing manner. The end result will provide a forward-looking streetscape for both residents and visitors alike,” said Jim Bancroft, SDG Warden and Mayor South Stormont.

The new configuration for County Rd. 2 was established through a detailed Class C Environmental Study finished in late 2015.

The Long Sault roundabouts are the second and third of their kind being built by SDG on County Rd. 2. The first got underway in Iroquois earlier this year. That South Dundas project is about to change the traffic landscape at the intersection of County Rd. 2 and Carman Rd. — site of multiple t-bone collisions in previous years.

“The Counties greatly appreciates the public’s patience during the construction work. Once the construction is completed; pedestrians, cyclists and commuters will all benefit from a much safer and more efficient way to move through Long Sault,” said Ben de Haan, SDG Director of Transportation and Planning.

Roundabout construction in Iroquois, earlier this summer. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News


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