Celebrate the harvest now at Winchester Sunday Market

The Editor:

WE LIVE IN A TAKING CULTURE: We see, we want, we get. If we don’t see what we want, we walk away and get elsewhere. Every Sunday afternoon in Winchester, a group of dedicated vendors and volunteers come together to create a community market. A fully accessible, outdoor market you can reach easily on foot or with wheels. It’s a place where you can stretch out on a blanket and listen to live music. Or park your lawn chair in the shade and take joy in watching children play. Chat with the vendors and learn, along with your kids, how local goods are produced. Take pride in supporting young entrepreneurs and family-run businesses. Winchester Sunday Market is small, but there’s something for all tastes, here: homemade pickles and preserves; scented candles; home baking; lots of fresh produce picked only hours earlier; bubble bath and make-up; home décor, gifts and gorgeous framed photography; Jamaican patties. And starting in September: an ice cream and milkshakes vendor; and a local farmer putting the sweet corn back into Sweet Corner Park! It’s a gem in the heart of our village where even your doggies will find bowls of fresh water. Winchester Sunday Market runs 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. and starting September, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Why wait a year? Let’s meet on Main Street every Sunday and celebrate the harvest!

Ann Brady
Manager, Winchester Sunday Market

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