Upper Canada Village to host very popular Horse Lovers weekend Sept. 2-4

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Renowned horse trainer Lindsey Partridge and Dreamer to perform

MORRISBURG — Horse Lovers’ Weekend is a very special event featuring three action-packed days (September 2-4) showcasing riding, driving, working horses and of course Upper Canada Village’s beautiful Canadians. Natural horsemanship demonstrations and a mock 1860s horse auction are all part of the weekend’s activities.

The event offers an excellent opportunity to watch, learn and improve your understanding of all things equine, with demonstrations and performances by notable horse experts. This year Upper Canada Village will host Lindsey Partridge (Saturday only) who will demonstrate Harmony Horsemanship techniques with her Thoroughbreds and Dreamer, a Quarter Horse. Lindsey’s Harmony Horsemanship focuses on the horse- human relationship, understanding ourselves and our horses and the language that connects us. Lindsey and Dreamer acted in the movie “Unbridled”; they can also be seen in a popular YouTube video ‘Dreamer’s Day Out in New York City’ to promote the movie.

Check out a clip of the video here:

3-star Parelli specialist Farrah Green will share her knowledge about how to communicate more effectively with horses and will give multiple performances and demonstrations throughout the weekend. Joining Green will be Gary Meek and the team from Drogheda Manor in Lunenburg, Ontario. This team will demonstrate the principles of natural horsemanship in an educational and entertaining presentation that is fun for the whole family.

There will also be draft horses working in the fields and pulling big wagons, riding horses, carriage horses, and miniature horses. Ken Reid and his six horse hitch will be on site. Upper Canada Village will proudly feature their Canadian Horses in action on the drag saw, and pulling wagons and the tow scow. Stop by Loucks Farm and catch up with last year’s Canadian foals Duke and Dexter.

Special musical performances by MacLeod Fiddlers at noon on Saturday and by Phil and Caroline Hosick on Sunday will keep audiences entertained. Upper Canada Village’s own Travelling Tiltons will perform their comedic entertainment all three days. Performances take place at Cook’s Tavern or in the Fairgrounds.

Daily activities (9:30 -12:00 & 2:30 – 4:30): horse drawn wagon rides, horse drawn boat rides, horse-powered field work and drag saw demonstrations – free with Village admission.

1860s Mock Horse Auction featuring all 2017 Ontario Auctioneer Champion Chad Simmons

Guests can participate in a “mock” horse auction by purchasing a $2 envelope that contains 1860s money at Crysler’s Store. The lucky bidder wins a photo of himself or herself with the horse. Other items made by Village artisans will be sold off in a real auction. Register for both the mock and real auction at Crysler’s Store.

See details of the weekends events in the images below:

Horse Lovers’ Weekend is one of Upper Canada Village’s most popular events. Advance ticket purchase if recommended. Prices are $19.95 Adult (13-64 yrs), $18.95 Senior (65 yrs+), $15.95 Student (13-18 yrs), $12.95 Youth (6-12 yrs) and children 5 years and under are free. Tickets can be purchased online at www.uppercanadavillage.com.

For more information call 1-800- 437-2233 or locally 613-543-4328.


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