South Dundas loses public works director

Above, South Dundas Municipal building. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — The Municipality of South Dundas is without a public works director.

The position previously occupied by Chris Bazinet has been vacated, Councillor Bill Ewing confirmed for Nation Valley News today.

“He left on Monday morning,” offered the councillor, before referring questions on the matter to the municipality’s CAO.

However, when asked, Ewing denied that Bazinet’s departure might be related to council’s hesitancy to construct a new public works garage — a project the former director had wanted.

The municipality’s website currently lists no name beside the title of public works director. Bazinet was hired for the role in 2013 as a replacement for the retiring Hugh Garlough — the first public works manager in post-amalgamation South Dundas.

Ewing said he expected council would review job descriptions before seeking to refill the position. “I think we’re going to take a look at the whole layout.”

Nation Valley News has left a message with CAO Shannon Geraghty requesting further clarification on the situation.

There is no suggestion of anything other than an amicable parting of ways between the former director of public works and the municipality at this point.


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