Pioneer Family Fun Day in Russell Sept. 9, all proceeds benefit YouFeedThem projects

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RUSSELL — Agricultural projects in the village of Yogo, Kenya, will benefit from 100 percent of profits raised at a Pioneer Family Fun Day event scheduled here Saturday, Sept. 9.  

Kenya is facing its worst drought in over 60 years, but despite that challenge, three Yogo farms affiliated with YouFeedThem — a Christian organization involving local people in Eastern Ontario — are doing quite well.

However, many people in Yogo area are without work and food, and are coming to the village in need of help, according to local organizers. They want to ensure a bountiful harvest at those three farm sites by improving and expanding a drip-line irrigation system to cover all 12 acres of production. Pioneer Family Fun Day is in support of this irrigation cause. It promises to include many fun activities for both adults and children — with old-fashioned, delicious home-cooked food (all donated) and great music, contests and prizes included with ticket purchases.  

A follow-up to the recent Taco Tuesday fundraiser at The Gathering House in Chesterville that supported children attending a Yogo school, the upcoming event will run 2 to 8 p.m. at 220 Route 500, Russell.

Speaking of home-cooked food, here’s the menu

Pulled pork, buns, chili, home-baked beans, salads, home-made pies, coffee/tea, lemonade, and treats (popcorn & cotton candy) are featured at the event.

Tickets may be purchased online via major credit cards, or by e-transfer, or by emailing organizers to make other arrangements.  

Those interested in attending are asked to RSVP/register online as soon as possible to let organizers know the required amount of food for the occasion.

Organizers express thanks on behalf of the YouFeedThem team, and the people of Yogo, for the consideration and support shown. 

See the below poster for more information.

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