Automated Dispensing Cabinets arrive at Winchester District Memorial Hospital

Units expected to be deployed by next spring

WINCHESTER – August 31st was an exciting day at Winchester District Memorial Hospital as a big truck rolled up to deliver ten new Automated Dispensing Cabinets — or ADCs.

“This delivery was a direct result of the generous spirit of our local communities,” noted Kristen Casselman, the Foundation’s Managing Director. “The Foundation originally set out to fundraise for five ADC units and a pill packager, but our donors stepped up once again. Because of that, we were able to fund the second phase of the project much sooner than anticipated, funding all 10 ADC units and the pill packager.”

The new ADCs, and accompanying pill packager, ensure the right drug or drugs are dispensed to the right patient at the right time. They are like a vending machine that dispenses pre-packaged medication. Only one medication drawer can be unlocked at a time — both when stocking the machine and when a nurse is getting a patient’s medication. This simplifies the process and increases patient safety.

WDMH staff are now working on a detailed implementation and training plan. The new machines are expected to be up and running by next spring.

The Foundation says it thanks everyone “who contributed to the General Equipment Fund in support of the ADC project.”

The fundraising campaign to acquire the ADCs had been set at $400,000.

The WDMH Foundation released this composite image showing the arrival of the new automated dispensing cabinets at the hospital.






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