The Bargaining Unit: Live at McCloskey’s this Friday, Sept. 8

CHESTERVILLE — The Bargaining Unit is a lively and eclectic musical force made up of local talents: Andrew McAughey (bass, vocals); Brandon Murray (acoustic guitar, vocals); Brian Farquhar (electric guitar, vocals); Bucky Cook (drum kit); Kelly Latimer (vocals, acoustic guitar); and Harmony Koiter (congas, djembe, harmonica). The group of six formed through friendship, chance, and the catalyst that is Chesterville’s historic McCloskey Hotel.

In the spring of 2017, all members were looking for a musical outlet. The weekly open mic night at McCloskey’s welcomed musicians with open arms and endless opportunities to perfect their individual sounds. The convenience of a creative space with like-minded performers in their neighbourhood kept each member coming back to continue their respective pursuits. Before long, solo performances turned into group performances and experimental jams, sometimes bringing almost everyone in the pub on stage in a rousing chorus that left everyone smiling.

The group soon became the house band for McCloskey’s and needed to come up with a name to represent themselves. They tossed a few ideas around and finally decided on The Bargaining Unit to pay tribute to the site that brought them together. When the original owner of the building, Frank McCloskey, opened the establishment over 150 years ago, he called it The Union Hotel. To reference the space and have a little fun with the relationship between the pub manager and the group, The Bargaining Unit was born.

Performing at 9 pm on Friday, Sept. 8, The Bargaining Unit will combine folk, rock, alt-country and bluegrass hits to get you singing and your feet stomping at McCloskey’s. Kick off your weekend after the long “week back” with the unique musical interpretation and contagious joy of The Bargaining Unit!

The Bargaining Unit plays this Friday evening, Sept. 8, at McCloskey’s. Here’s some footage of previous performances by the establishment’s house band earlier this summer.





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