Solid results for Rockets as exhibition season starts

The Rockets’ Launch Pad

by Rob Sadler 
North Dundas Rockets General Manager

The Rockets opened their exhibition schedule with an 11-to 1 win over the South Grenville Rangers expansion team.

As a management group, obviously we were happy with the results; for that exhibition game we had 16 local kids in the line up and a great turnout in the stands. The arena had a good vibe Saturday night.

Sunday afternoon we played the Metcalfe Jets and lost 6 to 5.  It was a solid effort by both clubs and a good hockey game.  The Jets are going to have a pretty competitive hockey team this year, which is great for us given that they are so close, makes for some entertaining hockey games.

Ultimately we have another week to go before our team is set; the next game is in Blackburn against the expansion Blackburn Inferno on Tuesday night, Sept. 12th at the RJ Kennedy Arena.  The final game of the exhibition schedule is Sept. 16th down in Prescott, after which we will have our team finalized.

Until we get to that point I won’t have much to say. With the kids we have trying out this year, the local and personal connections I have with all of them, I can simply say that there is going to be some absolutely gut-wrenching decisions to make by next Saturday.  Lenard, Nik, Doug and I have been evaluating every possible scenario we can think of to make as much room for everyone as possible.

Thanks to those who came out to support us this weekend, and the sponsors who have donated to the club so far, the support has been early and outstanding.

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