‘Project Warm Dundas County’ aims to address energy poverty

Winchester BMR and Linking Hands team up to help households where pricey Hydro a luxury in 2017

MOUNTAIN—A recent Linking Hands housing survey has shown a definite need in Dundas County for assistance in combatting energy poverty.

Out of 162 respondents, 69 percent said their housing costs exceed the recommended 35 per cent of their income, while 77 percent listed lower Hydro costs as their biggest housing issue right now. While much needs to be done to address this growing provincial issue, there is one small thing that can easily be done right now: provide window insulation kits for Dundas County’s vulnerable sector.

To do this, Linking Hands is partnering with Winchester BMR. Ken and Trish Boje, owners of BMR, will supply the kits at cost ($4 per window). Linking Hands needs the community’s help to raise the funds to purchase the kits.

Individuals or agencies that would like to donate are asked to contact Linking Hands coordinator Sandy Casselman at 613-989-3830 or by email at scasselman@houseoflazarus.com.

The project’s success also relies on the community to spread the word so those in need are aware of its availability. Kits will be distributed to eligible Dundas County residents through local foodbanks — Community Food Share and The House of Lazarus. For those residents who are not food bank clients, but still cannot afford to buy a kit themselves, they are encouraged to contact Casselman .

“The housing concerns in Dundas County are real and many, from homelessness to substandard living conditions to insufficient affordable rental options and more,” Casselman said. “At Linking Hands, we believe everyone should have a warm, safe, and healthy place to live.”

This project, along with the aforementioned survey, is an initiative of Linking Hands’ Housing Working Group.

This group includes a host of representatives from community agencies, the public, and the Municipality of South Dundas.

“While there is much to be done on the housing front in Dundas County, and much of this will take significant time and effort to accomplish, there are things we can do right now, beginning with the free distribution of window insulation kits to those in need,” Casselman said. “Together, we can tackle our county’s housing concerns one step at a time.”




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