Fred Penner plays to sold-out Winchester show

Fred Penner performs to a full house at Winchester's Old Town Hall, last Friday night. Zandbergen photo

WINCHESTER — ‘Fred heads’ filled the Old Town Hall auditorium to take in Fred Penner, the bearded baby boomer folk musician wielding a nostalgic draw over younger generations that remember him as one of this country’s most popular children’s entertainers. The 70-year-old artist jokingly referred to his followers as ‘Fred heads,’ an amusing take-off on the ‘Dead heads’ that once followed that other massive act of his generation, The Grateful Dead.

With a mischievous twinkle in his eye, the Winnipeg native observed that he influenced the formation of his younger listeners’ psyches from the youngest of ages, good-naturedly quipping, “I’ve got my hooks in you.”

Penner delved into the repertoire for which he’s best known, delivering on pieces like Sandwiches and The Cat Came Back, interspersed with 60’s tunes like Pete Seeger’s Garbage, all the while engaging his audience who sang along. Reverting back to children’s entertainer mode, he invited a young fan on stage, who held the crowd spellbound as he sang his ABC’s to Penner’s guitar accompaniment.

Teagan and Darcy McLaren opened the show.

“Fred heads” were not disappointed with Fred Penner’s performance at Winchester’s Old Town Hall last Friday evening. This clip features a mashup of ‘Sandwiches,’ ‘Garbage,’ ‘Ghost Riders in the Sky,’ ‘Puff the Magic Dragon,’ and Penner’s signature tune, ‘The Cat Came Back.’

Liam sings his ABC’s for Fred Penner at the Old Town Hall in Winchester, last Friday evening.

Teagan and Darcy McLaren open for Fred Penner.



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