SNC 14th Annual Bus Tour an eye-opening experience

Puppy dog eyes ... were prominently displayed on this large caterpillar found in the Robert Graham Conservation Area during South Nation Conservation's annual bus tour of local nature spots and other attractions overseen by the local watershed authority, yesterday, Sept. 20. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

NATION VALLEY — South Nation Conservation (SNC) showcased the gems of its jurisdiction during the 14th annual Watershed Tour this past Tuesday.

The coach bus, supplied by Delaney bus lines, was filled to capacity. Passengers enjoyed all the environment had to offer throughout the Upper South Nation River Legion. The first stop on the tour was the Oschmann Forest, the local watershed authority’s most recent land donation. The site officially opened June 3 and was kindly donated by the family of the late Gertrude Oschmann.

The tour continued to South Mountain where a demonstration was given on how the Ontario Benthic Biomonitoring Network (OBBN) and Ontario Stream Assessment Protocol test the waters and fish. SNC staff use a method called electrofishing to temporarily stun the fish in order to easily catch them with a net. Then they place the fish into a bucket of water, sort them and run a few tests. When this is done correctly by professionals, there is no harm done to the fish.

Next the bus stopped a the Hydrologic Model Equipment Site in Pleasant Valley, one of eight such sites within SNC jurisdiction.

Spencerville Mill, another SNC property, hosted lunch and gave a guided tour of the site. As part of the tour, a demonstration on the operation of the mill and the dam was given.

At the Robert Graham Conservation Area, west of Glen Stewart, SNC employees explained the importance of tree harvesting, showcased their maintained trail system and invited guests to take part in the world-wide hobby phenomenon of geocaching.

It was a very informative, interesting, and eye-opening day for all.

See the photo gallery below for images from this year’s tour.


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