Chesterville ‘turnaround’: Crowd hears optimistic message at annual N. Dundas Chamber of Commerce wine & cheese

IDP Group's (from left) Seyed Ahran, Hamed Asl and Mike Doiron, inside the newly revamped office area serving as headquarters for the warehousing and office-furnishing company. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

IDP Group’s former Nestlé plant serves as venue for ‘Chester-Vegas’ schmoozer

CHESTERVILLE — Attendees at the North Dundas Township and North Dundas Chamber of Commerce annual wine and cheese were apprised of ongoing progress at the former Nestlé plant, where owners with Installation Deliveries Plus (IDP) Group Inc. hosted the Sept. 20 schmoozer.

The firm’s Hamed Asl told those gathered at the 171 Main St. North complex that his company was on the cusp of an arrangement — which he wasn’t quite ready to disclose — that will see the place employing up to 200 people in the next couple of years. “If we weren’t working with lawyers right now, I would tell you right now. I kind of want to,” he teased the crowd of more than 125. “We are hopefully, if everything lines up, in the next two years, we’re looking to possibly create 150 to 200 jobs here in Chesterville.” 

Specializing in modular office interiors and furniture, warehousing logistics and project management, Asl reported that IDP fully moved all of its operations into the former Nestlé factory as of June this year. Formerly based in Ottawa, the firm currently employs 10 people at the Chesterville site and is looking to hire five more. Closed by Nestlé in 2006, the IDP Group bought the vacant plant in November 2015 rather than pursue the construction of a new warehouse in Ottawa.

Also under IDP’s ownership, excess space at the 373,000-square-foot factory was rented by PCL Construction to build the roof and sprinkler system of the revamped National Arts Centre last year. The site also served as a staging area for an electrical contractor involved in a large project on the grid earlier this year. And the cavernous facility has also hosted a number of movie and video shoots — with Mayor Duncan jokingly describing the village’s new status as “Chester-Vegas.”

See the video below.

The crowd at the event. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

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