Anonymous donor matching contributions until Nov. 3, to a max of $25,000

WDMH Foundation seeks $175K to replace aging echocardiogram machine

Doubling Gifts, Extra Tax Credits and New High Priority Equipment Need at WDMH – Oh My!


WINCHESTER — Many fundraising programs have been running for a long time at the WDMH Foundation, but thanks to many donors and an anonymous – and very generous – donor, a new program has already raised over $100,000 in only two years.

“Everyone gives for a different reason, but we do know that impact to the cause is one of the most important reasons someone will choose to make a gift, and that’s part of why we are so honoured and grateful for the support of this anonymous donor,” explained the Foundation’s Managing Director, Kristen Casselman.

Donors who make a gift by Friday, November 3rd towards the “Thanksgiving Matching Gift Program” will have their gift doubled, up to a maximum of $25,000. Donate online via Canada Helps at, in person at the WDMH Foundation office, or through hardcopy donation forms printed in The Seaway News, Morrisburg Leader and Winchester Press.

Funds raised will be directed to our General Equipment Fund in support of equipment like a new echocardiogram machine — WDMH’s highest priority equipment need this year. WDMH is seeking to replace their Echocardiogram machine in order to maintain and expand their ability to look at patients’ hearts clearly.

An echocardiogram is equipment that uses sound waves to make images of your heart. It allows technicians and cardiologists to see the heart’s structures, and the heart beating and pumping blood. And last year alone, over 1,000 echocardiograms were performed at WDMH, so the machine sees regular use.

These kinds of volumes have pushed our current piece of equipment to the end of its life. We have made excellent use of it and it has served many patients well over the years, but unfortunately, there are some issues with it. For example, it doesn’t provide clear images in comparison to new technology, patients might have to go elsewhere to repeat the test if the results aren’t clear, and there is no way that we can even consider expanding our patient services with the machine we have.

Kristen Casselman shared that the Echocardiogram will cost approximately $175,000, but wants donors to know that “every donation counts, and brings us one step closer to being able to have equipment like a new Echocardiogram on site to expand our services, providing “stress echo” and “contrast” procedures on site, which we aren’t currently able to do.”

Further to the $25,000 matched dollars from the anonymous donor, if you are a “first-time donor” as defined by the following terms, you can receive an extra 25 percentage points to your federal charitable tax credit, under the “First-Time Donor’s Super Credit” program announced by the federal government in the 2013 Budget.

This super credit program apparently hasn’t been well-utilized by taxpayers, so Kristen Casselman is throwing out a challenge. Kristen’s encouraging challenge is: “If you or someone you know hasn’t given to charity before, or haven’t claimed any donations since before 2007, I urge you to make your donation now. You will have your gift doubled by the matching gift donor, and also receive a much larger tax credit for your gift than normal. ”

For example, currently it would “cost” you approximately $260 to make a gift to charity of $360, but under this “Super Credit” program, it would only cost approximately $165 to make that same impactful gift. Google “Imagine Canada First-Time Donor’s Super Credit”, or visit the Foundation’s website at to learn more about eligibility for this tax credit that is expiring this December.

Contribute to WDMH Foundation Thanksgiving Matching Gift Program

Pump up the effort.
The echocardiogram machine at Winchester District Memorial Hospital requires replacement. Give by Nov. 3 and your donation will be matched!

A new echocardiogram machine will see patients’ hearts much more clearly than our current machine. Give by Nov. 3 and your donation will be matched toward the purchase of new equipment in Winchester.





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