Back-to-school learning for newest WDMH board members

The Winchester District Memorial Hospital Board has welcomed new members Michelle Perry and Bruce Millar.

WINCHESTER — Fall is here and kids aren’t the only ones who are back at school. Winchester District Memorial Hospital’s (WDMH) Board of Directors has welcomed two new members — Bruce Millar and Michelle Perry. Both are busy learning more about the hospital, as well as what is involved in being a member of its governing body – even travelling to Toronto for education sessions with the Ontario Hospital Association.

Bruce Millar has lived in Metcalfe for 23 years, raising his family in a house that he and his wife Lucille built, following his retirement from the military. They are now helping to raise their grandson in the same house. Bruce’s background is in finance and accounting. “Our family has benefited from the services of both WDMH and CHEO over the years. I felt I could contribute by sitting on the WDMH Board,” he explains. “For me, the big selling point for WDMH is the level of service and the tranquility.

The care is wonderful. It also helps that there is only one traffic light between our house and the hospital!”

Michelle Perry is a lawyer and a lunch date with a client led to her involvement at WDMH. She says she didn’t know much about the hospital until then. “The opportunity came at a good time in my life and I have been awed with the incredibly caring, positive environment at WDMH,” notes Michelle.

Both Bruce and Michelle say they are impressed with the level of professionalism on the Board. “It is very well organized and there is high value placed on the governance role,” says Bruce.

“I particularly like how we start every meeting with a patient story,” adds Michelle. “Everyone has a common goal and is always trying to do things even better. I’m really looking forward to my experience on the Board.”


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