Stormont County Plowing Match concludes in sunshine

Fifteen-year-old Ethan Jones of North Augusta drives Percherons Cody and Tucker, at the Stormont County Plowing Match, last Saturday. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

BERWICK — The Stormont County Plowing Match concluded in sunshine after kicking off in soggy conditions last Saturday, Oct. 9.

But the clouds parted, the precipitation stopped and 44 competitors put away their yellow raincoats.

A sense of nostalgia pervaded the County Rd. 9 site as a combination of horse and vintage tractors hauled plows that carefully carved up Patsy Casselman’s field into straight furrows unassisted by modern technology.  

Visitor Gib Patterson of Metcalfe looked over at the oldest method represented — a team of heavy horses with walk-behind plow — and remarked that his father employed the same set-up, decades ago.

Two members of local plowing royalty were on scene for the occasion — 2017-2018 Stormont County Princess of the Furrow Haleigh-Jo Teplate of Finch, and 2017-2018 Stormont County Queen of the Furrow Kayla Manley of Newington.

Seven members of Stormont County 4-H’s plowing club also took part as part of an achievement day.

Conditions were soggy as the Match got underway. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

See the gallery of plowing match images above.

Plowing Class Results

Class 1A -Jointer Horse Plowing

  • 1st – Samuel Bourgon, Dalkeith
  • 2nd – Stephane Bourgon, Casselman

Class 1B – Sulky Horse Plowing

  • 1st – Ethan Jones, Brockville
  • 2nd – Robert Jones, Brockville

Class 2A – Antique Tractors with Trail Plow

  • 1st – Michel Calande, Alfred
  • 2nd – Dean Morris, Hammond

Class 2B – Antique Plowing, Competitors under 18 years of age

  • 1st – Anthony Chevalley, Moose Creek
  • 2nd – Jeremy Chevalley, Moose Creek

Class 2C – Antique plowing with a hydraulic mounted plow

  • 1st – Marc Binette, Ste-Anne de Prescott

Class 3B – Farm Standard – 3-furrow plows

  • 1st – Raymond Grady, Crysler
  • 2nd – Cassidy Smith, Berwick

Class 4 – Competitors 18 years and under, open to all

  • 1st – Justin Manley, Berwick

Class 5A – 2-Furrow Competitive Plowing

  • 1st – Allen Hills, Ashton
  • 2nd – Joyce Buckley, Kemptville

Class 5B – 3-Furrow Competitive Plowing

  • 1st – Stephen Manley, Berwick
  • 2nd – Kayla Manley, Newington


Best Open Split – Allen Hills, Ashton

Best Crown – Allen Hills, Ashton

Best Finish – Kayla Manley, Newington

Best overall land in Antique Tractor Classes – Michel Calande, Alfred

Youngest Plower – Justin Manley, Berwick – 9 years old

Oldest Plower – Gabriel Lecavalier, Mountain — 87 years old

Plower that travelled the furthest – Winston Roberts, Toronto

Best Overall Plowed Land – Allen Hills, Ashton

Bernard Beehler Trophy – Best Plowed Land by a Stormont Resident — Stephen Manley, Berwick

Some video footage here of the Stormont County Plowing Match, after the rain stopped that day. See the demonstration of natural horsepower with a reverse gear, as Guy Machabe of St-Albert drives Belgians Ben and Prince. That’s followed by a clip of 15-year-old Ethan Jones of North Augusta with Percherons Cody and Tucker. The video concludes with some participants in the Stormont County 4-H Plowing Club Achievement Day as well as a scene of a horsedrawn walk-behind plow being dragged off the field.



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