Speeder clocked at 180 in an 80 zone among over 660 tickets given out over the weekend

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OTTAWA — Over this past Thanksgiving weekend the Ottawa Police Service handed out several speeding tickets. Among those tickets included a super speeder.

“In one case, I stopped a driver for going 180 km in a posted 80 km zone,” said Traffic Constable Phil Kane. “The car was impounded at the driver’s expense and they were also issued an immediate seven-day licence suspension. It’s just not worth it.”

Officers from across Ottawa tallied up 664 PONs (Provincial Offence Notices), tickets, and 13 impaired driving charges.

This police initiative was designed to remind people that an essential way to save lives and reduce injuries on our roadways is through enforcement.

The Ottawa Police Service continues to remind drivers to slow down and not to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Courtesy photo


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