Changes at Chesterville Scotiabank include new manager and a car-charging station

New Chesterville Scotiabank branch manager Nancy Miller-McKenzie and the new vehicle charging station at the site. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — The leaves have begun to change colours and Scotiabank in Chesterville has made changes of its own.

Scotiabank welcomed Nancy Miller-McKenzie to their branch family as new bank manager, just about three weeks ago.

Call it an electrifying coincidence, but Miller-McKenzie’s arrival at the Chesterville helm has happened at around the same time as the installation of a car-charging station at the branch on the corner of King and Main Street North.

Situated on the southeast corner of the building, the eco-friendly station also comes with its very own designated parking spot.

According to Miller-McKenzie, the new feature is part of a green initiative Scotiabank has started over the past year across Canada.

“They’re not at every branch, not at the South Mountain branch yet for sure, but at several across Canada,” commented the former South Branch manager.

Miller-McKenzie said that although she hasn’t been here long and hasn’t seen anyone use the charger, she believes that once more residents are aware of its existence, it will come to be used more and more.

She’s heard that many would be shocked by the “very small cost” it adds to hydro  bills and how quickly they actually do charge up an electric vehicle. She’s been informed that there’s a quick charge option that will completely charge an electric vehicle in “20 to 30 minutes.”

“It was very eye-opening,” she remarked.

As far as her transition from South Mountain to the Chesterville location, Miller-McKenzie reported that it has been relatively smooth.

“It’s been a bit of a promotion, coming to a slightly larger branch. It’s been three weeks today and I’m settling in,” she said Oct. 13. “I have a great team and they’ve made this easy for me.”

The new Chesterville bank manager asserts that although the town is different, the position and her job really aren’t.

“Scotiabank takes pride in offering the same service and availability nationwide. Their motto is for someone who goes to a branch out east to have the same customer experience as someone out west” and everywhere in between, she said.

Miller-McKenzie has been with Scotiabank for the past 15 years and in the banking industry for over 30 years now.

While unaware of the whereabouts of her predecessor, Charles Leclair, she wishes him all the best in his endeavours, she said.

Smith photo, Nation Valley News


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