Free canna lily plants, courtesy of the Green Action Gang

Winter storage needed, too, for bumper bulb crop

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — It’s that time of year again. Chesterville’s Green Action Gang are getting their hands dirty, this time pulling the flowers and bulbs out instead of planting them.

The only issue is they have is an “obscene” amount of canna lily bulbs to be stored this winter — but not enough space to keep them. They’re looking for folks in the community with temporary storage to accommodate some of the overflow bulbs, and  they’re also giving away some of the excess canna lily bumper crop, too.

The lilies are red, grow several feet tall and take up lots of space when fully grown. They were a feature in the public flowerbeds along Chesterville’s Main Street North waterfront area this past summer.

On site to remove the plants to beat the looming mid-October frost, Marg Norg laughed and said, “These things grow and multiply. They’re worse than rabbits!”

Quickly responded her husband and fellow Gang member, Ralph: “Rabbits are tame compared to these things!”

If you have a green thumb, love to garden and could use some free bulbs, the Gang wants to hear from you. The same goes if you have available winter-safe space to store some of the Gang’s excess bulbs.

Ralph and Marg Norg and Shirley Coons of Chesterville have been part of the Green Action Game for several years, beautifying the town since shortly after the traumatic ice storm of ’98.

Thanks to this trio and a handful of other volunteers, Chesterville looked especially colourful as it was host to one of five Meet me on Main Street events held in North Dundas this year.

For free canna lily bulbs or to volunteer some storage space, please call Marg Norg at 613-448-3218 or Shirley Coons at 613-448-2099.


From left, the Green Action Gang’s Marg and Ralph Norg and Shirley Coon. Smith photo, Nation Valley News


Thriving canna lilies on the Chesterville waterfront. Smith photo, Nation Valley News


Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Ralph Norg, with Shirley Coons in the background. Smith photo, Nation Valley News


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