Slow down forest-cover decline by ordering trees through SNC

SNC's Warwick Forest Conservation Area. Courtesy photo

Orders for seedlings, shrubs accepted now

FINCH — Put some foliage into next year’s yard beautification project by sourcing trees through South Nation Conservation (SNC). The local watershed authority is now accepting tree orders for 2018.

Residents of SNC’s jurisdiction can place their orders for a selection of conifer and deciduous seedlings and shrubs at a reduced rate, through SNC’s 2018 Tree Planting Program. “Trees provide us with many unique benefits; they increase property value, add aesthetic appeal, reduce erosion, and enhance local wildlife habitat,” says Cheyene Brunet, SNC’s Forestry Technician.

A minimum of 100 seedlings in multiples of 50 per species can be ordered. Red maple, Balsam fir, and White and Red pine are just some of the many species available. Price per seedling can be as low as $0.58 depending on the species.

“This year, we have planted an impressive 99,620 trees in Eastern Ontario to date. Private landowners, municipalities, and various organizations have benefited from our increasingly popular program,” adds Brunet.

All seedlings are sourced from SNC’s seed zone and are native stock to Ontario. Saplings are locally sourced from Ferguson Forest Center in Kemptville.

Since 1990, SNC has partnered with landowners, municipalities and other organization to plant over 2.8 million trees, bolstering the region’s tree canopy in an era otherwise marked by declining forest cover. In light of that decline, the need for tree planting remains high, according to SNC.

Brunet also urges residents to learn more about the different forestry programs available to landowners. “There is something for everyone – we can suggest management options for larger woodlots and coordinate tree planting on your property if there is more than 2.5 acres of open land, through our free Woodlot Advisory Service.”

Tree and shrub orders will be accepted until March 1, 2018. Residents are encouraged to place their orders early, as supplies are limited.

Visit to find additional details about SNC’s forestry services and to access the 2018 Order Form.



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