Community Food Share holding steady in second in daily egg vote

Seen in image above: two dozen eggs ... imagine being part of the reason our community wins 600 dozen eggs. Vote for Community Food Share.

Vote split preventing Dundas County from achieving first place so far

600 dozen eggs hang in the balance

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

WINCHESTER — It’s coming down to crunch time, or in this case ‘crack’ time. The voting is in full-swing and Community Food Share holds solid in second place. Earlier in the month North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan pleaded for the community to split their votes between the Community Food Share and House of Lazarus (HOL) now it appears he has changed his opinion.

According to Community Food Shares administrator, Ian McKelvie, Duncan “first advised everyone to vote for one or the other” and now “he is pushing” for them.

Anyone who views the voting results so far would agree with the township mayor.

As of 8:30 this morning, Community Food Share was at 18.7 percent while HOL had a mere 2.5 percent of votes. Their combined tally would put Dundas County in first place, ahead of a food bank operation in Cambridge.

Seen in image above: A Screen shot captured at 8:30 this morning of the voting results so far. Nation Valley News

This contest is not about winning it’s about providing healthy food to people in need. McKelvie knows this and has made an agreement with the HOL with this in mind.

“The vote for HOL hasn’t budged in days … I told them if we finished in the top 3 we would share our winnings with them.”

This kind gesture is the epitome of why these organizations are so successful.

If you would like to see this community benefit from this contest and win the 600 dozen eggs, please take one minute of your time everyday until October 31 to vote for Community Food Share. To vote and share click on the link below:


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