997 calls and 23 charges in Russell County; avoid 9-1-1 pocket dialling

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EMBRUN — Russell County OPP responded to 997 calls for service from Monday, Sept. 25 to Saturday, Oct. 14, including seven assaults, three sexual assaults, nine frauds, three Criminal Harassment incidents, 18 thefts, 12 mischief offences, 10 drug-related offences, three impaired driving-related incidents and 24 domestic disputes. As a consequence, 23 males and two females have been charged with 68 various offences, according to the detachment.

Alcohol-related charges

RUSSELL — Three men will appear in L’Orignal court in November on charges related to impaired driving. They were arrested during the course of 20 Russell County R.I.D.E checks carried out in the past month.

Russell County OPP say that those charged are Erick Langevin, 43, of North Dundas, Liam Thomas Anderegg, 24, of Hull, and Michel Joseph Lachance, 24, of Rockland.

Drivers charged with excess blood alcohol are also subject to an automatic 90-day driver’s license suspension and their vehicles are impounded for seven days.

Pocket Dials and unintentional 9-1-1 calls

RUSSELL — Russell county OPP say they’ve received more than 44 “pocket dials” and unintentional 9-1-1 calls since Sept. 25.

The OPP advises anyone who has dialled 9-1-1 by mistake to stay on the line to let the emergency operator know it was an unintentional call. Every 9-1-1 call is taken seriously; when a 9-1-1 caller hangs up or doesn’t respond, that could be a sign of trouble — a possibility an emergency responder can’t ignore.

Prevent pocket dials or unintentional 9-1-1 calls by:

  • Using the keypad lock feature. Keypad locks, some of which can be programmed to activate automatically, prevent a mobile device from responding to keystrokes until the user unlocks the keypad using a short combination of key presses or password.
  • Turning off the 9-1-1 auto-dial feature. Check the user manual or the manufacturer’s website, or call the service provider to determine whether your device has this feature and how to turn it off.
  • Refraining from programming a wireless device to automatically or “speed dial” 9-1-1.


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