Egg grading jobs ended in Monkland

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Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

MONKLAND — It’s been over 58 years since the Monkland Egg Grading Station first opened its doors. The plant was run as an egg grading and distribution centre, and now this smalltown plant has shut down grading completely.

The NutriGroupe-owned plant laid of 16 of 21 employees as of October 4. The remaining five employees at Ontario Pride Eggs take care of the distribution, which includes loading boxes on to trucks to ship to other sites.

Corey Deschamps, NutriGroupe general manager, explained to Nation Valley News that the egg-grading station closed because the site didn’t warrant the necessary investment. There were several upgrades the building needed to be up to new standards and codes.

“It was a big blow to Monkland and it was a very tough decision,” acknowledged Deschamps.

“It has served the area well for several years,” he said of the station, “but it was just too much of an investment to get things up to code.”

Egg-grading operations have been moved to a NutriGroupe factory just outside Toronto where, according to Deschamps, production is “highly competitive and there’s more capacity.”

NutriGroupe’s website describes the new facility in Kitchener as state-of-the-art.

Monkland Egg Grading Station has taken “pride in being farmer and family run since the beginning,” he said, and for that reason, the current ownership is “working closely with its former employees and an organization called Optimum Talent, in hopes of helping workers transition” and find “options available to keep them employed.”

“We want to protect them and help them in any way we can,” said Deschamps, “even if it’s just a simple as helping them update their resumes.” 

He said they have also offered the ex-employees training for other jobs as well.



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