Students admit defeat to teachers and special guests, in an 11-7 baseball game

NDDHS students and staff competed against each other in a friendly game of baseball. To the students dismay they were defeated 11-7 by the staff. Courtesy photo

Notes from NDDHS

by Rosie Backes
Minister of Communications

The students faced a great defeat on Friday, October 13 as the staff and the special recruits won the student vs. staff baseball game yet again. With a final score of 11-7, the staff dominated the game. The student MVP, chosen by the staff, was Owen Richardson, and our special recruits were Constable Tyler Copeland, Aaron Sherrer, and Matthew Uhrig. Both the junior and senior girls’ basketball teams sadly lost their games on Thursday, October 12 against La Citadelle. The varsity rugby team competed on Tuesday, October 10 at Holy Trinity. The glow dance will be taking place Friday, October 20 from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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