Students stressed by Ontario Colleges teachers’ strike

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

OTTAWA — Ontario colleges have been preparing for the worst and to the dismay of students, the worst has come. As of 12:01 Monday morning college teaching staff declared a strike.

Students across the province are already feeling the consequences of the strike.

Nation Valley News heard from one Algonquin College student attending the Ottawa campus.

Katrina Geurkink of Brinston is currently enrolled in her third and final year of Business Administration and Accounting and commutes to classes every day.

When asked about how the strike has affected her overall college experience, she didn’t hold back.

“The whole situation is very stressful for students. It’s midterm week for a lot of us, and the worst part is the unknown. We still have to study and prepare for when we go back which is really hard when you have no contact with any of your professors. Hopefully they come to terms quickly and have the students interest in minds as well,” said Geurkink.

Many students are having issues with scheduling, and the teachers are responsible for setting those schedules, so several students are left not knowing what do and if they will finish their semester with the credits needed.

“When we all go back to school the teachers will have to figure out the course schedules and potentially take out some material so we can finish the semester.”

Algonquin College President Cheryl Jensen assured students, in a letter on the school’s website, they would not lose their semester in light of the strike.

“No student at an Ontario college has ever lost their year due to a strike. I give you my word that this will be true at Algonquin College at the end of this work stoppage.”

As for what students can do in the meantime, Jensen urges students to “treat the days ahead as a chance to review your course material and connect with your classmates. Form study or discussion groups. Read ahead. Work on long term projects. You will eventually be returning to your classes and it’s important to be ready when that happens.”

For more information and to stay up to date with work stoppage progress checkout the school’s Work Stoppages Resources page on their website.


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