Help me find the woman who saved my life on August 11

The Editor:

I am now sharing this to my account so it will hopefully have greater chances to reach this woman.

Please share and help me find the woman who saved my life on August 11th, 2017. From what I know she lives in the surrounding area and works in health care. This letter is for you. Thank you.

My Dearest Hero,

When you first look at my photo you probably will not recognize my face for now it is full of life, I am blessed to consciously smile, I am blessed to shed a tear, I am blessed to feel and I am blessed to be on the road to heal. August 11th, 2017, I was in an accident that changed many aspects of my life, but thanks to you it changed my life and did not end it. I wake up each morning and give thanks for a new day and everything it will bring. On the night of August 11th I was driving home at around 11:20 p.m., my jeep rolled multiple times on the highway before skidding from what I was told 50-100 feet into a ditch. I was lucky to have my seatbelt and my roll bars saved me from more damage but as you probably remember finding me my arm was degloved and bones broken in numerous places. I will not go into great detail as I am sure you can remember finding me and it is probably an image that will not leave your mind easily. When paramedics arrived you left, all I know is you were on your way home I am assuming somewhere around Kemptville which is why I am hoping to find you in this group, and that you are a nurse. I was rushed into emergency surgery and for the next three days they were very seriously considering amputating my arm in result of how badly injured it was and, it had become infected from the wreck and everything that had gotten into my arm. The doctors and police told me if you hadn’t have found me when you did and done what you did I would not be here today.

I went through multiple surgeries with ortho and 14 hours of plastic surgery to skin graft and flap my arm. I was in the hospital for several weeks; I had many nightmares about my accident. I have had a long and difficult beginning of my recovery in which some days I began to feel discouraged and worthless. I stopped myself over and over to remember gratitude and to give thanks that I had life, that I will become better, that I was blessed I could keep my arm and see another day. I could think and do all of this because of you. Today my cast was removed and I will need extensive physio, but I am writing to you with my two hands to thank you. I can pick up my dog, I can finish my schooling, I can see another day and hug my family because of you. Thank you for giving me the chance to do all of these things and be with my family. Thank you for life, thank you for bringing me home. It all started with you.

Please help me find the hero who saved my life, I would like to give my thanks.

Amanda Amaretto Chartrand



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