South Dundas inaugurates revamped arena surface

From foreground, Mayor Evonne Delegarde, Councillor Bill Ewing, Deputy Mayor Jim Locke, MPP Jim McDonell, Recreation & Facilities Director Ben Macpherson and Councillor Archie Mellon. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

MORRISBURG — The ice is back in at the Morrisburg Arena — thanks to cold, hard taxpayer dollars and months of work to replace the concrete slab and its leaky embedded cooling system.

The removal of the old concrete floor had been complicated by the late discovery that structural pillars in the Arena walls required strengthening before the jackhammers and equipment could move in to break out the existing slab. Upon learning of the issue in April, unhappy council members swallowed hard over that additional cost, knowing that further delay would jeopardize a $315,000 provincial Trillium grant covering about 50 percent of the planned slab work.

The revamped Arena returned to regular public use on Sunday, Oct. 22, about a month later than the usual start to the season. The official ribbon-cutting took place last Friday, Oct. 20, with local MPP Jim McDonell joining Mayor Evonne Delegarde and her council colleagues for the occasion.

“We were thrilled to receive word that our grant application was successful,” said Delegarde. “There were tense moments when we discovered some structural issues with other areas of the arena; however, we were able to pull together to make the repairs in order to complete the project, without severely affecting our arena programming.”

“I am proud to join the Municipality of South Dundas and the community in announcing this Ontario 150 OTF grant for the Morrisburg Arena,” said McDonell. “This is a vibrant, growing and engaged community that treasures the opportunity to be active and come together to train and compete among themselves and against visiting teams. The new slab for the ice rink will guarantee the solidity and longevity of theArena’s underlying structure for decades to come. Good infrastructure builds strong communities. Thanks to this grant and this important work, both existing and prospective residents of South Dundas can look forward to a full slate of indoor winter activities, helping their community stay healthy, active and close.”

The revamped Morrisburg Arena, ready to go on Oct. 20. Smith video footage, Nation Valley News



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