Changing locations and changing lives, TR Leger — more than meets the eye

Seen in above photo: (left to right) TR Leger Principal Sandy McInnes, Jacob Solano, Vice-Principal Roxane McDonnel, Taylor Vanderzweep, John Van Schyndel, Julianne Horbath-Abbott, Corbin Bergeron, Debbie Heldens, Chelsea Cardinal, Allison Scott, Vice-Principal Joshua Harrison, Jeanne Ward, and Sharon Sypes. Smith photo, Nation Valley News

Kelsey Smith
Nation Valley News

CHESTERVILLE — TR Leger has been helping students in the area improve their confidence, grades, and overall abilities for years — out of their Dundas County site as well as 12 others in the area.

As a means of being more accessible by more people, the Williamsburg location and staff have now moved on to their new home, at North Dundas District High School (NDDHS).

There are currently 41 students enrolled in various programs. Client ages range from 14 to 50.

TR Leger Principal Sandy McInnes says that the school “provides personalized programming to any and all students” of any age or learning level.

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition, better known as PLAR, is a program designed for anyone 18 years of age or older who may not have completed all the classes required to obtain their high school diploma. That includes mature adults who want or need to acquire specific credits needed to move on to their preferred post-secondary education program.

Their STEP initiative aids clients in essential life and work skills to prepare them for high school, employment, post-secondary, apprenticeship, and their independence.  

For those who are currently employed but want to brush up on certain skills, or want to get credits they perhaps did not receive in high school, TR Leger is very accommodating, McInnes assures. The principal explains how they have several clients who work three days a week but come into school the other two days. For those unable to make time away from work, or simply don’t like a “classroom atmosphere,” online courses are available as well.

“TR Leger offers free online and in-class classes for free. They compare to the classes offered at private schools,” says McInnes.

Part of the reason the school was re-located to NDDHS was because of its location, and close proximity to many different towns.

“For anyone living in the Chesterville-area who may not have access to their own transportation, we have taxi allocation,” Vice-Principal Roxane McDonell said.

McInnes describes the school and its programs as “nurturing, slower paced, homey, and personalized.”

He says, “We love  what we do. We give people second chances they didn’t know were possible,” adding, “We’re changing people’s lives.”

“Our doors are always open for interested clients,” McInnes concluded.

For those interested in learning more about TR Leger and their programs, check out their website. Let TR Leger be the “right link to your future.”


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