Pumpkinferno filling the record books and the streets

Pumpkinferno smashing records, with over 57,000 visitors so far. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Measures taken to reduce traffic jams

MORRISBURG — Upper Canada Village’s award-winning event Pumpkinferno is seeing record crowds this fall hitting an all time attendance high this past weekend.  Total attendance this season hit 57,734 surpassing previous highs of 38,000 in 2015. On Saturday night alone, almost 8500 visitors were welcomed through the gates and the weekend saw over 22,000 visitors.

“The crowds are really unprecedented and are definitely boosted by the amazing fall weather we are experiencing,” said Tracey Ogilby, Acting Manager of Upper Canada Village. 

Saturday night’s of 8,500 caused bottlenecks on the highways in the region and congestion getting into the parking lot at Upper Canada Village.

“Our team quickly took action and implemented changes on Sunday evening to get people off the highway and into the parking areas quicker.  These changes resulted in less congestion on the roadways and ultimately shorter wait times to get into the event,” stated Ogilby.  “We will continue to develop strategies to manage the crowds as we head into our final weekend.”

Recognized as one of Ontario’s Top 100 Events, Pumpkinferno is a night time walking tour of more than 30 different hand-carved spellbinding exhibits, made from pumpkins.  While many depict surreal, mythological or exotic worldly themes, other exhibits showcase heritage-based themes specifically designed to reflect the local region. 

For visitors who got caught in long waits on the roadways and in lineups the St. Lawrence Parks Commission offers a sincere apology.   Processes are being reviewed and improved to accommodate higher volumes of visitors more quickly.

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