Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer at local Tories’ breakfast on Dec. 2

Local MP Guy Lauzon and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Courtesy photo

CORNWALL — The man who intends to become the next Conservative prime minister of Canada will be in the Seaway city to address local party faithful on Dec. 2.

Tory leader Andrew Scheer will deliver the keynote speech at the annual Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry Conservative Electoral District Association’s fall breakfast at the Cornwall Legion.

The 38-year-old father of five is only the second leader of today’s Conservative Party— created by the merger of the old federal Progressive Conservative and Canadian Alliance parties and originally led by Stephen Harper.

First elected at age 25, Scheer served as youngest-ever Speaker of the House of Commons before going on to win the Conservative leadership in May of this year. He’s among a younger generation of Canadian opposition leaders gunning for the prime minister’s job currently held by the elder Justin Trudeau, 45, of the Liberals.

Organizers say that space will be “very limited” at the event featuring the member for Regina-Qu’Appelle.

At $10 each, tickets are available at or by calling Adrian Bugelli at (613) 290-7135 or Patrick Dussault at (613) 363-5488, or by emailing



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