Strike ‘isn’t good for any of us,’ says St. Lawrence College student

The Editor: 

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you about the college teachers strike. There are many of us students who are very upset about it. We cannot go home because home is too far away.

Some of us and cannot make it back in a 48-hour time period, and we are worried that if we are sent home that we lose a semester and all of the work that we have been doing. We have worked so hard to get here, too, whether last year in high school or the years prior to that. We don’t know what this will say about the field of work that we are trying to get into. You have so many of us that are trying to get into the workforce, like Early Childhood Education, gaming, and the trades such as welding, plumbing and there are so many others. We want to know what we can do when the teachers are out of the classroom and not talking to the union. How are we to reach our end goal of being actively employed, when we cannot go to class?

How do we talk to each other and make this strike end? This isn’t good for any of us.

Thank you,

Shelley Cole
A student at St. Lawrence College Cornwall campus.

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