Community Food Share picks up 400 dozen eggs, thanks to many community voters

WINCHESTER — Over 37,000 votes were cast in the Egg Farmers of Ontario Beat Hunger competition and when it ended Community Food Share had won 400 dozen eggs – the second place prize.

In first place was Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank who received 600 dozen eggs and Georgetown Bread Basket received 250 dozen eggs for their third place finish.

The online contest ran through the month of October and it was open to all food banks in Ontario.

‘We thought it would be fun to enter not thinking we had a chance against much larger communities,” said Community Food Share Administrator Ian McKelvie.

“We ran a couple of Facebook posts and the next thing we knew we were in the top five and the momentum started to build from there, ‘’ added McKelvie. “Then our share of the votes really started to grow as people began voting every day and sharing our posts. It seemed like everyone was talking about the contest.  For a short time we held on to first place.”

Community Food Share is now waiting to hear how the 400 dozen eggs will be allocated to them. Food banks across Ontario already receive a quarterly donation of fresh eggs from Egg Farmers of Ontario worth $250,000. The amount Community Food Share receives, along with donations from local residents, isn’t enough to provide a dozen eggs to each family every month. An additional 400 dozen will definitely help address the shortage.

“It was terrific to see the community get behind Community Food Share,” said McKelvie. “With about 7,000 votes of the total votes cast, we really showed those city folks we weren’t going to be pushovers.”


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