OSAID week at NDDHS, students pledge ‘not to drive while distracted’

Above, this year's Minister of Communications, Rosie Backes, North Dundas District High School. Courtesy photo

by Rosie Backes
Minister of Communications

It has been busy at North Dundas as many of our sports came to end. The girls’ basketball teams both played hard on Friday and Monday as they tried to make playoffs. The junior girls team made it all the way, but the senior girls team unfortunately did not, because of one foul shot. The boys’ volleyball team’s season also came to an end this week on Tuesday.

It is also OSAID week at North Dundas. The OSAID members have activities planned all week. Monday there was a guest speaker Melanie Willard, Tuesday was an obstacle course to show the effects of distracted driving, today is white face day, Thursday is OSAID pledge day — where students pledge not to drive while distracted — and Friday they will be selling mocktails.

There will also be the Remembrance Day ceremony at 11:00 at the high school in honour of our fallen soldiers.


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