Tagwi Awards night a final hurrah for Rothwell-Osnabruck

Tagwi Principal Ewen McIntosh presents the co-recipients of this year's Principal's Award to Brandon Watkins and Shannon McRae. In right photo, yearbook student staff member Grace MacCaskill hams it up for a selfie with teacher Riley McMullen, after receiving the Grade 11 College/University Level Dramatic Arts Award (shared with Brooklyn Woodside). Zandbergen photos, Nation Valley News

AVONMORE — An especially large crowd of parents and students gathered at Tagwi Secondary School Nov. 16 to honour excellence achieved during the 2016-2017 school year at both the Avonmore-based high school and the now-defunct Rothwell-Osnabruck High School in Ingleside whose students now attend the County Rd. 43 institution.

The extra numbers from R-O and the addition of Grade 7 and 8 recognition packed out the cafetorium — even the balcony — for this year’s 17th annual awards ceremony.

The evening culminated with the presentation of the Principal’s Award, this time shared by a pair of current Grade 12 students reflecting the integration of R-O into Tagwi. Brandon Watkins, who attended R-O in its final year, was named co-recipient with Shannon McRae, who attended Tagwi last year. In fact, almost all medals were doubled up to ensure students were measured exclusively against the school population they belonged to in 2016-17.

Staff members Megan Crooke and Riley McMullen served as co-hosts for the evening, guiding the assembled group through the  ceremony that conferred recognition for both academic and extracurricular performance in grades 7 through 11 last school year at both R-O and Tagwi.

Students marched to the stage for recognition in a broad variety of categories — from dance and dramatic arts to business and the traditional scholastic pursuits.  Those whose scholastic achievement was consistently strong received a place on the school’s honour roll, with special mention made for bronze, silver, and gold medals — awarded to those earning the highest academic averages in each respective grade.

Above, medals were handed out for students with the highest (gold), second-highest (silver) and third-highest (bronze) marks in their respective grade level last school year. Medals were doubled up this year to ensure like recognition and honours for those students that attended Rothwell-Osnabruck School in 2016-17. Medallists in this year’s Tagwi Awards (from left) Jake Thomas (Grade 11, silver), Youri Gutknecht (Grade 11, bronze), Ethan MacIsaac (Grade 10, bronze), Harry Andrew (Grade 10, gold), Shir-El Kline (grade 9, gold), Alicia Barton (Grade 10, silver), Charly Stinson (Grade 9, gold), Jamieson Smith (Grade 10, bronze), Elizabeth Lorange (Grade 9, bronze), Annie Bender (Grade 10, gold) and Amber Primeau (Grade 9, silver). Missing from photo: Charli Dewe (Grade 9, bronze) Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

At Tagwi Secondary School’s Awards Night (below) John Grayson presents Math Studies awards to recipients in grades 9 through 12.


The co-winners of the Principal’s Award. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News


The crowd at the 2017 Tagwi Awards. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Honour Roll
Grade 7
Corinne Anderson; Kristen Anderson; Halia Arthurs; Tyler Babcock; Jenna Barry; Mikayla Barton-Sauve; Alex Berardini; Dillan Bradford; Brooklyn Canham; Chazz Carello, Jonathan Dilamarter; Ella Flegg; Joanna Helmer; Barak Kline; Zac L’Ecuyer; Fia Leroux; Timmy Lorange; Brycen Loynachan; Duncan Mackenzie; IreLynn MacKillican; Zachary Marcil; Emma Marsolais; Thomas McMahon; Benjamin McWhirter; Myrah Murray; Emma Padbury; Heath Patterson; Savanna Rochon; Zoe Roderick; Greyson Rodger; Mear Scharf-McRae; Kiera Speck-Meek; Zack Speck-Meek; Carly Stata; Mattea West; Vienna Wiens; Bryden Witteveen.

Grade 8
Ellie Adams; Kevin Askes; Mara Ault; Katie Bender; Madison Brownlee; Owen-Lyn Byers; Angel Cleroux; Raven Doherty; Morgan Gallinger; Nathan Glover; Josie Grant; Jessica Green; William Holmes; Breigh Jackson; Ethan Konink; Abbie Latreille; Starleena Leduc; Bela Leger; Elodie Leonard; Kaleb Martin; Heidi McIntyre; Megan McMahon; Maggie Murray; Adriana Ouderkirk; Ali Primeau; Anthony Quesnel; Paige Renaud-Sinden; Abigail Robinson; Noelan Spink; Camden Tait; Jasmine Uhr; Abigail Welsh; Nevynn Witteveen; Keaton Woodside; Alexa Zummach.

Grade 9
Charli Dewe; Kevin Parlee; Charly Stinson; Kingston Anderson; Liam Ault; Abigail Beaudette; Makenna Brownlee; Austin Cleroux; Jack De Vries; Phillippe Gareau; Rylan Iwachniuk; Shir-El Kline; Brianna Lapensee; Kayla Lloyd; Elizabeth Lorange; Haani Mohd Hisham; David Nobert; Emma Patterson; Amber Primeau; Eva Quenneville; Athica Rattanavong; Barrett Rutters; Kristi St. Denis; Amanda Trakas; Makayla Villeneuve; Sierra Woodside.

Grade 10
Bradley Alguire; Harry Andrew; Alicia Barton; Liam Blais; Dylan Levesque; Ethan MacIsaac; Jaxson Payment; Huda Al-Maliky; Ethan Askes; Annie Bender; Kiel Coleman; Ryan Dilamarter; Caleb Douma; Andrew Doyon; Joshua Green; Haziq Hisham; Mathilde Jaquemet; Joseanne Lacombe; Olivia Leroux; Brennen MacKillican; Jarod McIntyre; Joshua McIntyre; Jasmine McNairn; Jenny Metzger; Emma Moran; James Paul; Anastasia Pignatti; Jameson Smith; Tia Speck-Meek; Janine Spichtig; Carter Tait; Britney Van Loon; Brynn Welsh; Alison Wert.

Grade 11
Youri Gutknecht; Ethan Lalonde; Tyler Robinson; Jake Thomas; Brandon Watkins; Brant Woodside; Clayton Backes; William Beaton; Angel Beaudry; Carlie Bender; Shelby Booker; Brandon Buiting; Jordan Canham; Justin Edwards; Gillian Kippen; Dominique Ladouceur; Alexandra Lapp; Laine Larkin; Ysahnn Leonard; Wade Loach; Grace MacCaskill; Cassie MacDonell; Kaitlyn Murray-MacDonald; Jenny Newman; Michael Nobert; April Nyenkamp; Katelyn Padbury; Paul Perras; Areeya Rattanavong; Michael Reid; Samantha Sawyer; Bria Van Loon; Hannah Wolfe.

Grade 12
Kaitlin Gallagher; Mackayla Fortier; Duncan Quenneville; Bradon Robinson.

This article was edited to include new information.


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