Now that’s a turkey! Bass-fishing shop shows how it’s done

After 48 minutes, a fully cooked turkey is ready for carving during Paddletales Tackle's annual Poultry Pilgrimage Palooza event, last Saturday, Nov. 18. Zandbergen photo, Nation Valley News

Paddletales Tackle tackles turkey — with awesome results

‘Paddletales Turkey’
Paddletales Tackle deep-fried some of the holiday birds at the bass-fishing specialty shop’s annual Pilgrim Poultry Palooza event last Saturday, Nov. 18. Doug Dolan of Smith’s Falls reprised his role as turkey deep-frying overseer as anglers from around the region descended on Ed Puddephatt’s Winchester shop for a taste of the resulting moist meat with a dressing of potato chips. Dolan had the system down pat, timing each turkey to the minute — three minutes per pound plus five minutes in the enclosed deep frier at 350 F.


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Enjoy show, dinner and music at ‘Christmas with Friends,’ Winchester United Church, Dec. 3.

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